The Absolute Best Planners For College Students

One of the biggest struggles for us college ladies is having it all together. I know without my planner, my life would be in ruins. So, here are some of the best planners for us college girls!

  1. Plum Paper Planner The Plum Paper Planner is extremely customizable! Not only can you choose a cute cover that you can get monogrammed, but you can also choose from four different layouts that are best for you. You can get it in a horizontal layout or pick from three different vertical layouts: time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), hourly or just daily columns. You can purchase them here.  
  2. Agenda The Agenda is definitely the cutest out of these picks! Each monthly section starts off with a cute drawing and a quote to get your month started out on a good note. It also comes loaded with stickers for you to place in your planner. You can purchase this cute planner here.  
  3. Erin Condren Life Planner While on the pricier end, this planner is made for busy college women. It, like the Plum Paper Planner, has different layout options as well. It also comes with EXTREMELY cute customizable interchangeable covers! (You can also get your name put on it!!!!) Check them out here and while you're there check out their cute Halloween covers avaliable now!   
  4.  Bullet Journaling The Bullet Planner/Bullet Journaling has taken the internet and Pinterest by storm lately. It’s extremely customizable (since it is ALL you) and all you need to get started is a clean notebook. If you want to learn more about bullet journaling check out this article

Overall, finding the perfect planning style or planner is up to your personal preference. As long as it keeps you on top of all of your classes, job and extra-curricular activities, then you’ve found the right planning method for you!