ABCs of Long Island

Collegiettes, if you've ever been to Long Island, or if you're from Long Island, you'll recognize all of these ABC's of Long Island! If you haven't been to Long Island, you are in for a treat!

A - Accents

The most embarrassing thing is when the waiter asks me to repeat myself when I AX (ask) for a glass of WOODER (water). Or when someone tries to impersonate the accent and sounds like they’re the next star of The Jersey Shore.

B - Bagels 

Nothing beats a Long Island bagel! The light and airy dough that can only be made with the best aquifers. 

C - College 

Hofstra, Cortland, Oneonta, and Binghamton. SUNY Schools, most of your high school friends will attend them, or they just pack their car and never look back as they now are a part of the Florida lifestyle.

D - Deli’s & Diners 

Hungover early mornings starting off at a deli and drunken late nights ending at a diner.

E - Egg Sandwiches

The holy grail of breakfast foods. The way that the cheese melts over the crispy bacon and its all complimented by a fried egg is to die for!

F - Fire Island 

A Flynn’s ‘Rocket Fueled’ summer only a ferry trip away!

G - Great Gatsby 

Not only was it a required reading book in the 10th grade, but also the real Jay Gatsby’s Mansion is located in West Hills of Huntington, NY.

H - Hero 

It's commonly mistaken for a sub or a hoagie. Always served at family gatherings like baptisms, Easter, and your cousin Johnny’s 30th birthday party.

I - Italian Ice

A new type of freedom was when you were old enough to walk into town with your friends and go to Ralph's Italian Ices.

J - Jones Beach

A beach 15 minutes every direction, but nothing can compare to the concerts at the Nikon Center. My first ever concert there was LMFAO opening for Ke$ha. Let's just reminisce about Tik Tok and Party Rock Anthem, okay?

K - Kings Park Psych Center 

The haunted place a girl would only go if she was invited on a skate date by a boy who skateboards with his older brother. Unfortunately, this is exactly how I was convinced to enter this horrific establishment. It was so scary!

L - Lacrosse

A sport that could almost be considered a religion on Long Island. One of the most psychically enduring sports I have ever been a part of in my life. Even if you weren’t athletic your mother signed you up to play so she could now be a part of the good gossip.


Not only is it one the best shows on MTV, but also the monumental age when a girl can have a party worth more than my future wedding.

N -North Shore vs. South Shore 

The infamous Long Island native, Billy Joel said it best. "You either date a rich girl from the north shore or a cool girl from the south shore".

O - On (not in!)

We don't live in Long Island, We live ON Long Island. Get it right!

P - Pizza 

You can eat pizza 3 times a day for 7 days a week without breaking $40. Every slice doesn’t even have to be the same either! There are Sicilian, grandma's, pepperoni, and so many more. You name it, they'll make it!

Q - Queens 

No not referring to the mothers of the North Shore. I'm talking about the place where everyone’s parents migrated from, but they didn’t leave the sassy attitudes behind. 

R - Robert Moses 

Not just the fields, but the master builder who is known for the Triborough Bridge and the Jones Beach Theater. His statue still stands in the Village of Babylon. 

S - Strong Island 

Supposedly the rough and tough part of the island, but now just an overused phrase by a guy wearing a white wife beater with gelled up hair.

T - Towns 

Copiague, Hauppauge, Ronkonkoma, Massapequa, and Nesconset. If GPS can’t pronounce it correctly, I bet none of your out of state roommates can either.

U - Upstate 

Anything that’s not specifically on the tail of New York, you will more than likely be considered upstate.

V - Vineyards

Touring the wine country or just seeing Vineyard Vine whales stuck on the back of every jeep parked at your high school, you know you’re on Long Island.

W - Woooo!! Girls

I have never seen so many crying girls until I’ve ridden the late night train home from RVC. But that is also the exact moment I hear a faint echo of a girl having a great night screaming Wooo!! At the top of her lungs.

X - Xtra Large Coffee

Oh whoops, my accent just might have gotten in the way when I said CAWFEE. Say what you want about Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, but 7-11 has the best coffee.

Y - You Talkin' To Me? 

First said by Robert De Niro, now echoed during every bar fight I have ever witnessed. 

Z - Z100 

The greatest bops of the Island.



HCXO from a Long Island girl missing home!