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Dear Future Me,

I am currently a sophomore in college and so far, my college experience has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but despite everything, I have survived and come out stronger in the end.

Although I started school amidst the Covid-19 pandemic I have been trying to make the most out of what my college experience will be since I know it won’t be going back to normal anytime soon. I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that I won’t get the normal college experience and I know it will be okay.

My sophomore year has already been much better than my freshman year, due to the fact I know more people and have grown closer to the friends I have made. I have made it a goal of mine to become more social and spend a healthy amount of time away from my dorm room and so far, I feel like I have been successfully accomplishing that. I have been trying to stay on top of my schoolwork and even though I did have some complications with classes, I was able to get them resolved, which put my mind at ease.

I also recently just got into my first relationship ever. YES. Ever. I have been striving to be a great girlfriend to him and support him through everything he faces, all while learning to nurture a strong and healthy relationship. We officially just hit the one-month mark and he makes me the happiest I have been in quite a while.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have really struggled with depression and it has been rough to navigate. I have to say I have several good things going for me right now. I have been keeping good grades, successfully meeting my goal of being more social, and have a super supportive and caring boyfriend. I have also recently gotten more involved around campus by joining two clubs, one of which I’m an officer for. The other club I am involved with besides Her Campus is Winthrop Team FTK in which I am the Special Events Director. This club has a great purpose as we raise awareness for children’s pediatric cancer through fundraising. It makes me feel very good to be helping to support a good cause. It empowers me because I feel like I have the power to make a change which is inspiring to me.

Ten years down the road, I will be 29 years old. I hope to have gotten married and started a family. I also hope that I am at a good place in my profession and am enjoying what I got my college degree in. I also hope that I continue living an active lifestyle and that my future husband does as well. The last thing I want to happen ten years from now is to be close with my younger brother. I really hope that we don’t drift farther apart because he is in the adolescent stage where he is very standoffish. In conclusion, ten years from now I would love to be in a successful state in my life and doing well in all aspects. So if I could tell my future self one thing, it would be to stay strong and not give up when feeling discouraged because it will all eventually pay off down the road.


19 yr old Emily :)

Emily Weiland

Winthrop '24

Hey! My name is Emily Weiland and I am a sophomore Business Administration major.
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