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Dear Freshman Me,

Hey, so looks like you made it to the end of your senior year of high school and you’ve picked out a college. You settled on Winthrop University and will pursue your dream teaching career. That’s what you’ve wanted since you’ve been a little kid! Can you believe that? Just two years ago, you didn’t think that you were going to make it this far. But you did, and you make it even farther. Sadly, you don’t get a completely normal college experience, school shuts down because of a public health emergency, but when you get back? You make some of the closest friends that you’ll have for a long time. These two people, help you find your faith again, help you enjoy life again, and most of all they don’t judge you because of the way that you look. With them, you learn to have fun again and enjoy your last two years of college.

You’ve gotten closer to mom again. Yeah you still have your fights, but overall, she warms up to you, and you talk every day. It’s the best part of your day, don’t let that go. Oh, and you know that boy that you were friends with in middle school? You two keep in touch after you leave and when you move, you start dating your junior year of college. He shows you pieces of you that you didn’t know you had, and even though it is long distance, you both love each other a lot.

You make it to your senior year of college, I promise, keep going! It may get hard sometimes, but you are so capable of so many things, and you’ll be such a great teacher when you graduate.You just got to keep pushing no matter the struggle and the backlash, because it will be so worth it in the end.

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Shreya Jacob

Winthrop '23

Winthrop Her Campus Contributor; Middle School Major