9 Things Busy Girls are Tired of Hearing

In college, everyone is busy. However, there are a select few Collegiettes out there who take busy to a whole. new. levelThese are the boss ladies that are involved in too many clubs to count, take as many credit hours as they possibly can, and are always managing to take on new projects and responsibilities. These are the HBICs we all know, love, and maybe even aspire to be (although who has the TIME to be them)- these are the certified busy girls. 

And as with any title, being a certified busy girl has its problems. Aside from the to do list that's longer than any essay you've ever written, or the thousands of emails you get a day, one issue that busy girls can never get away from is people commenting on how busy you are. Tell me something I don't know, right? Well here is a list of all of the things that busy girls are sick of hearing, and if you are a busy lady you are sure to relate!

1. We never hang out anymore!



When you are a part of multiple student organizations, taking 17+ credit hours, and work three jobs, “hanging out” it no longer a part of your vocabulary.

2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!


The age old cliche that every busy girl has been hearing for as long as she can remember. If there is one quality that us busy chicks have, it is time management! We know our limits, and even if we are involved in more things than seemingly possible, I promise you that we will make the time to get it all done.

3. Do you ever sleep?

Getting more than 4 hours of sleep is a straight up blessing.

4. You're single because you work too much.

Whether or not this is true, you definitely don’t want to date a man that can’t handle you at your lady bossiest! Also, dating is the last thing on your mind when you have some glass ceilings to smash and goals to achieve.

5. You are intimidating.

Scary women get the job done.

6. Is there anything you're NOT involved in?


There is plenty that we aren’t involved in, don’t remind us, because if it were up to us we would be involved in EVERYTHING.

7. Why don't you take some time for yourself?


When you are constantly doing what you love and working towards your goals, you don’t need time to unwind because you love your life! Beside, no matter the length of your to do list, you always make some time to just chill out watching some Netflix.

8. Why are you so hard on yourself?

I know what I want and I know what I need to do in order to achieve it, and when my plans fall short I can’t help but be a little upset.

9. How do you get so much stuff done?


We work hard, we do not apologize or stop for anyone, we keep our heads held high and our standards held higher.

Keep working hard, Collegiettes!