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9 Signs That You’re A Hoarder In College

Let’s be honest, we all have that friend who’s desk is always cluttered with stuff or they can never find anything in their room from their ID to their laptops, they always have a lot of stuff.

Maybe you’re that friend and you find yourself justifying all the stuff you have in your room; your mom bought it for you when you were six so you need to hold on to it for sentimental value or an ex partner gave it to you and you need to hold onto it in case they come back. Either way, you have found your friend or yourself drowning in stuff, this might be a sign you’re a hoarder in college.

Here are 9 signs that you might be a hoarder in college:


1. You hold onto “useless” stuff

Everything you’ve ever owned


2. You deny you’re a hoarder

Even though you definitely are


3. When you shopping you can’t help buying something

Even though you don’t have the time or the money for it


4. You justify why you have everything

Everything you own has sentimental meaning


5. It started in your childhood

You kept everything you ever bought or were given resulting in a wall of stuff animals


6. When moving into to college you had a hard time deciding what to bring to college

Because everything has value and you love all the stuff you had


7. You’ve seen hoarder shows and your stuff isn’t that bad

Even though you can def see yourself holding onto a 1000 beanie babies because you never know when they’ll be popular again


8. It runs in your family

Your grandma kept everything, your mom, and your great aunt. You come from a long line of hoarders.


9. You’ll never stop hoarding

Because you’re proud of all things you have and no one can ever stop you from getting more stuff.


Hey there’s no shame in keeping a few keepsakes, but make sure not to end up on TLC because you have a collection of plastic spoons from the dining hall. So support your hoarder friends Collegiettes because they (or maybe you) need that support group to brave the stresses of college. HCXO!


Katherine “Kat” is a freshman Early Childhood Education major, and a proud mother of two cats (Zena and Queen Bey). She loves cats and makeup; you will most likely find her at Ulta or Target searching for new lipsticks and eyeshadows to spend all her money on. Kat also loves reading and constantly has her iBooks open ready to read when the moment arises. Follow her on twittert: @katattack17.
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