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9 Reasons Why The Party Pony Is The Greatest Hairstyle Ever

Girls across the nation are screaming and praising Ariana Grande for popularizing the Party Pony.

For those of you who may not know what it is, it is a cute little pony tail placed perfectly on the top of your head. You may have rocked this look when you were a kid, but even if you didn’t, now is your opportunity!

Check out the list below of why the Party Pony is the greatest hairstyle ever created!

1. It’s easy to do.

It takes about two seconds to pull your hair up and is a great way to change up your look with minimal effort.

2. It’s great for hiding bad hair days.

Haven’t showered today and running low on time? Have no fear! The Party Pony is here! It’s also great for when your hair just isn’t being cooperative or when those pesky roots are showing.

3. You can dress it up for a night out or wear it with shorts and a t-shirt.

The Party pony is great to wear out on the town with a trendy outfit or just when running errands.

4. It's fun.

Themed parties are incomplete without this hairstyle! It’s also the perfect excuse to bust out your old, colorful scrunchies that are in desperate need of some lovin’.

5. Two words: Helicopter hair.

You like to whip your hair back and forth? Then the party pony is perfect for you. Give your head a little twirl and enjoy the breeze!

6. It keeps your hair out of your face.

I love to pull my hair up in a party pony when I’m doing homework because it keeps my hair out of my face without putting a huge strain on my neck like it does with a regular ponytail or bun.

7. You can channel your inner child and still look hot.

You may have rocked this look when you were a child, but the party pony is back and ready to help you let your hair down (LOL). However, you’re not six years old anymore, so the look has a whole new meaning now.

8. It’s a happy medium between pulling your hair up and leaving it down.

Sometimes you just can’t decide what to do with your hair, so when it doubt—party pony it up!

9. It’s a great way to spice up your daily style!

Whether your hair is straight or curly, the party pony is a great addition to your daily look. The little fountain spout on top of your head only adds to your cuteness factor.

So, Collegiettes: the next time you’re struggling to decide what to do with your hair, give the party pony a try!

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