8 Steps To De-Stressing At The End Of The Semester

It’s getting to that time in the semester when everyone is drowning in essays, projects, presentations, exams, more that any of that STRESS.   College is stressful for everyone so here are some steps you can take to destress:


1. Listen to music

First turn on your go-to chill or de-stress playlist. If you don’t have one don’t worry we created a spotify playlist just for for you guys.

  2. Clean up

This one is a cliche but typically if you’re stressed out your room shows it. So declutter your space so you can declutter your mind.


3. Watch Youtube videos

Watching vlogs or makeup tutorials or even mukbangs are great distractions



4. Face masks

Doing face masks and just pampering your skin can really make you feel great.  If you don’t have a go-to pamper routine check out Jackie Aina’s “Bad and Boujee on a Budget” pamper routine.

  5. Eat ice cream

Or your favorite desert...by the pound


6. Color

Adult coloring books are super cute and can be really fun here’s a super cute one from Amazon


7. Call my bffs

What are best friends for but to distract you from your responsibilities and cheer you up?


8. Take a nap

When all else fails naps are the ultimate cure.



Bookmark this page for when finals and essays and final projects are kicking your a$$.  Good luck to you Collegiettes on the rest of your semester!