The 8 Stages of Forgetting Your Morning Coffee

Ah, coffee. For most of us, it makes the world go round. We don’t function without it, at least not well. Heck, they made coffee makers like Keurigs so we wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough time to fuel up in the morning. However, no matter how easy it is, sometimes we’re in such a rush that we forgot to grab our travel mugs off the counter, which sets off a series of events, most of them being unpleasant.

1. Reaching into your backpack’s cupholder and grabbing a handful of air.

2. Desperately looking around to see if you just set it down somewhere different.

3. Realizing that you most definitely left your coffee in your room.

4. You’re now trying to rationalize. You’re thinking, “Hey, maybe one morning without coffee will be fine. I’m sure I can function like a regular human being.”

5. ...then that headache kicks in and you start to regret ever being born.

6. Now your eyelids are fluttering and you begin to question how people just “wake up”.

7. You’re also wondering why you ever started drinking coffee in the first place, because if you had never started, you would not be in this pickle.

8. Finally, your class ends and you make a beeline for Starbucks, where you recover all that lost energy and you can be a normal person again!

Here’s to not forgetting your cup of morning joe, Collegiettes! May the caffeine continue to fuel and empower you to be a boss lady!