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8 Reasons Why I Love The South

I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to South Carolina about a year and a half ago. Because my mom’s side of the family lived in South Carolina, I used to head down here every summer growing up. But, now that I’ve made my new life here, I see that visiting the south and living in the south are completely different. 

I never thought that I would be able to adjust to the changes between the regions, but I have learned to love absolutely everything about the south — and here are just a few of the things I love!

1. The People

One of the first things you realize when you’re down here, is the southern hospitality. People in the south are so kind and welcoming, sweet and soft-spoken, and incredibly genuine. Everyone talks to everyone…even if they’re strangers, they say hey to everybody! If someone I didn’t know said hello to me back in the north, I would definitely be creeped out.

2. The Fashion

It’s pretty safe to say that the styles between the north and the south are polar opposites! Down south there’s a lot of Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers, but neither Lilly nor Jacks are very popular in the fashion world up north. People in the south wear a lot of color, a lot of pastel, and a lot of scalloped clothing and are preppy, whereas people in the north are trendier and urban. 

3. The Accents/Vocabulary/Phrases

No longer did I live in a world where the strong New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia accents exist–I was welcomed to the land of y’alldarlin’, and sweetheart. Southerners say soda rather than popy’all rather than you guys, and buggy instead of cart. Everybody also says ma’am and sir, and my personal favorite, bless your heart.

4. The College Football Games

There is nothing like a good old college football game! However, they are certainly a bit different in the north and the south. The south is full of tailgates where girls wear dresses and boots, and boys wear polo shirts and khakis, whereas in the north, people wear the jersey for their favorite team with jeans and sneakers. The rivalry also seems to be a lot more intense in the south…*cough cough* USC or Clemson?

5. The Beaches

Everybody loves the beach; Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms…the list continues! The water is clearer, and the sand is softer. No matter which beach you go to, it’s bound to be crowded, but Charleston beaches in the middle of the summer are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

6. The Lifestyle 

The north is generally very fast paced, always moving, and constantly changing…sometimes, it’s hard to keep caught up with! The thing I love about the south, is how relaxed and laid back the lifestyle is. Things just kind of move along, and nobody rushes around like their heads are chopped off all the time. People know how to get things done but do so without being in a constant hurry. 

7. The History

The south has such a rich history and I think that’s what makes it such a special place. With so many historical places to visit, like Charleston, Savannah, Jamestown, and more the south has a lot to offer. The historic places give us a blast from the past; they allow us to go back in time and help us understand what has happened to make the south what it is today.

8. The Food

There is no other place to get fried food and good home style cooking than the south. I absolutely LOVE southern food, from the hush puppies, to the shrimp and grits; what could be better? 

The answer is…not much could be better. 

I will always have a part of my heart that belongs to the north, but I am truly a southerner at heart. 

Thanks for treating me well, South Carolina! 

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