8 Free things to do on the weekend

College… it is fun but it leaves you broke. 

And you want to have fun, yet it seems like everything costs money.

So I did some digging around and found 8 free things to do on your weekend! (side note: you may need money for gas… but get a group of friends to carpool and split gas money!)

1. Crowders Mountain

So maybe the weather is great one weekend and you feel like being outdoors and adventurous. About 20 minutes away from Winthrop Campus is Crowders Mountain. Crowders has many different hiking trails, offering various levels (maybe you want to hike 3 miles or 6?) with some pretty cool views of the piedmont region! On a clear day you can even see uptown Charlotte. 

2. Site see in Noda

Noda- (short for North Davidson), is the upper side of Charlotte North Carolina. Here, many artists have painted masterpieces along side walls of shops and restaurants. It's a lot of fun to just explore and walk around downtown and take pictures along the way. 

3. Go for a walk at Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk is in Rock Hill and is about a ten minute drive from Winthrop’s campus. With its many miles of trail, you can walk or run alongside the Catawba river and take in the scenic view.

4. Find a free concert 

Simply google free concerts in the area and you'll find many places that offer a concert from time to time. The U.S. National Whitewater Center and Romare Bearden Park are just some of the places! (But be sure to check the weather before you go!)

But what if you feel like staying on campus?

1. Attend a fitness class

This is not only fun to do with friends, but exercising can help release endorphins and endorphins make you happy! The fitness classes can range too! Maybe you feel like taking a cardio hip hop class or a zumba class instead. 

2. Have a picnic with friends at Winthrop Lake

With Winthrop Lake literally a mile down the road, it's a fun place to hang out with friends and watch the geese on the water. (don’t forget about food!)

3. Have a stay in movie/paint night 

So you don’t feel like going out but you still want to do something? It happens… so grab your friends and plan a movie night (eagle cinema has good movies!) or Hulu or Netflix. Or paint (walmart has cheap paint and canvases so don’t worry!) It is a fun calming and chill!

4. Play games in DIGS or attend a sporting event

Digs is open till 11 every night giving you the opportunity to play video games or ping pong for hours on end! Or you could go to a sporting event and support the Winthrop eagles! Right now it is soccer season so what are you waiting for?!