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7 Ways Justin Made Us All Beliebers In 2015

Well, it’s 2016 and I think it is safe to say Justin Bieber has successfully converted us all into Beliebers throughout 2015. Starting with his looks (heart stopping, I know) to his incredible voice, to his new album, everyone is now falling in love with JB. As one of his biggest fans (and future wife) I thought it worthy to recap all the ways in which he made us fall in love. 


1. Obviously, HIS LOOKS. Honestly, just thinking about it makes us crazy. 


Seriously, how can one person be so gorgeous? I do not understand. 

2. Secondly, any and every time he took his shirt off! 


You’re welcome. 

3. Have you ever seen his Carpool Karaoke videos? No. Okay, let’s change that. 

Probably one of the cutest youtube videos of Justin Bieber I’ve ever seen, and I watch ALOT of Justin Bieber videos. 

4. That one time he cried after his VMA performance. Tears, tears, and more tears. 


5. And when he made out with a manikin on Jimmy Fallon and almost killed every girl in America.

If you’ve never seen this video, do yourself a favor and go look it up…right now. 

6. His dance moves. The boy can move.


Sorry there’s 4 of them…I couldn’t decide. They’re all so beautiful. 

7. Last but not least, his new album (and the music videos that came with it). Best. Thing. Ever. 

Of course I could go on forever and ever about how in love I am with Justin Bieber but I’ll stop here. You’re all very welcome. 

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