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7 Times You Wish You Listened to Your Best Friend

We’ve all got that one bestfriend–you know, the one that tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, the one that’s responsible for your sanity, and helps you keep your life on track beacuse God knows you couldn’t do it alone. Sometimes though, we think we don’t need to listen to her (no matter how right she always is). Here are the 7 times you didn’t listen to her, but you definitley should have.

1. When she told you to get up, get dressed and go out.

You think you’re about to enjoy a nice evening of sleep in the shirt you’ve been wearing for the past three days, but your bestfriend knows you need a GNO…liiiike now!

2. When she convinced you the next weekend to stay in because your to-do list was turning into a book.

You may think you have it all under control but your bestfriend knows that if you neglect your work now, you’ll just be more stressed out in the days to come.

3. When you saw a cutie at an event and she told you to go for it.

She knows you’re a catch and wants you (and the cutie!) to know it too. In the end, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

4. When she warned you about that one boy from that one time.

Of course it sounds like a good idea to text him before (during and after) going out…but your bestfriend knows better.

5. When she reminded you of how little other people’s opinions matter.

You’re down and you feel like you aren’t good enough but thankfully, your bestfriend is your number one fan and is always there to remind you of how awesome you are.

6. When she told you to call your mom.

She understands that sometimes the best medicine is a phone call with your mom–and that your mom probably needs it just as must as you do.

7. When she says she loves you.

Regardless of what happens, good or bad, you should listen when she says she loves you because she truly, truly means it.

Hold on to your besties tight and tell them thank you for being awesome! 

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