7 Campus Study Spots You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

I've quickly learned that college is filled with lots of homework and studying! It can be super overwhelming and crazy at times and finding places to study and do homework is super important.

Below are 7 of the best places to study around campus!

1. Starbucks: Even though the Starbucks on campus is small, the perk of studying here is that you are with the coffee and the atmosphere screams chill vibes to get some work done. Just drop off your backpack at a table and hop in line for that strawberry refresher or iced coffee!

2. DiGiorgio Campus Center : If you are feeling more in the social mood the first or second floor of Digs is a great place to get some homework done and chat with friends walking by. Who knows maybe that friend will join you! If you are feeling more in the mood for a quiet place the third floor is a great alternative and super relaxing. Just find a chair and start cranking out that essay.

3. West Center : While this might not have come to mind for a good place to study it actually is quite nice. The room adjacent to the lobby has plenty of chairs and tables to get work done and a bonus is that it is quiet and you could get a workout in when you're done studying to clear your mind!   

4. Library: This is an obvious place to study but it is awesome place to study because of the many options. You can choose to study sitting at a table or a comfy chair. Plus they have rooms you can study in that are more private and you can talk in them or simply go upstairs to get a group project done!

5. Residence hall: While this may seem weird, I am not talking about your dorm room. In most residence halls there are quiet areas to do work. Such as the study room on each floor or the first floor usually has some type of common space with tables and chairs to get work done in!

6. Campus Green: When the weather is nice grab a blanket and sit out on the grass soaking in the air and surroundings around you. It is a great way to get some sun and even possibly run into someone walking their dog!

7. Scholars Walk: While you can not put up enos at the moment, there are rocking chairs that you can sit on and get work done. It is a great place to soak up the sun and chat with people and maybe even if you stay long enough watch the sun go down.

So, Collegiettes, don't forget to check out these study spots the next time you're on campus!