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We all know that social media and being virtual is such a huge propionate during these COVID times. Let’s admit we are all on our phones way more than we would like to. Apps are such an excellent way to find things to make being inside a lot more fun. These Apps are my Go to’s! I have had most of these apps for years, and I love them. If you’re a college student or a single mother, etc.  these apps can be used for any and everyone. I could have listed like 100, but I decided to narrow it down to my necessities, apps I can’t go without! Clear some storage because here’s a list of my favorite apps and apps you need to download!


The app Flora was created by Kehlani; if you don’t know who Kehlani is… we have to change that. Kehlani is an R&B artist, and now she does a lot of technology-based creations. If you know the song Toxic, then you know Kehlani. The app Flora is a free time blocking app that allows you to block apps that distract you. You start by growing a tree, and if you leave while using the app, then your plant will die… very sad. You can plant more trees by completing your tasks and time goals. On Flora, you can create to-do lists and set reminders. Flora has been so helpful in my life and helps me stay off my device when I’m supposed to be doing something! I can also plant fake trees without the watering and care of a real one. It also saves the environment ( as we all should be doing!)


LIKWtoKNOW.it  is an app that allows you to access contacts from your favorite influencers for free! I know that many of us are on social media and permanently save people pictures because we like their outfits, shoes, jewelry, etc. If you want an easy way to buy items immediately from your favorite bloggers, then LIKEtoKNOW. It is perfect for you! I have so many influencers I follow on to LIKEtoKNOW. I buy the item right from the app. The great thing about this app is that you can authorize an account just like logging into your Instagram account and then follow your favorite people. I have had this app for about six months now, and it’s such a dope tool for someone interested in social media and a shopaholic. 

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Alrighty, ladies… let’s get personal! We all have periods, well, most of us. Flo is a period app that makes accurate predictions about your menstrual cycle, ovulation times, and even fertile days. Flo has many different features. It gets the more precise date for your period, personal quizzes and surveys to learn more about yourself,  and dialogues on various health topics to understand your body signals better. One cool thing about this app is that you can track your baby’s development if you have a baby. An enjoyable feature I like is that it has a secret chat that you can discuss intimate topics and questions with millions of women online! It is so unique and made precisely for you; we all know periods can be so unpredictable sometimes.

Fetch Rewards

If you know me, then you know I rage about this app! It is a free app that allows you to scan your receipts, and in exchange, you get points, which can get you gift cards! You can scan apps for so many different stores. When I go to Walmart and stock up on groceries for my dorm, I get a receipt, scan it and then earn points! Every 1,000 points equal a dollar. I currently have 5,972 points, so I have a $5 gift card to any store on the app! I typically redeem my gift cards at Starbucks… the sad thing is when you redeem your points, you start over, so I mostly save mine. There’s plenty of stores you can pick from when redeeming, like Target, Walmart, Ulta, etc. If you guys download the app, use my code “B32JE” so we can both get 3,000 points (aka $3). 


If you’re obsessed with Instagram and themes… this is the app for you! UNUM is an app that allows you to organize your pictures before you post them! I know I’m very particular about my theme-matching or at least wanting to know what pictures look better beside each other. Aesthetic people, you NEED this app. You can also set reminders to schedule your post if you’re an influencer or just want to post at a certain time. I love this app so much, and I promise you will too. 


Socratic is an app that allows you to ask questions about school work, and it also tells you how to solve the question, a video, and many other results to look at. If Socratic can’t find the answer, it provides other possible examples that are similar. I feel as if this app is amazing for college-age students, especially during COVID times!


Waze is an app I recently started using, and I love it. Waze is a free community-driven map. Waze uses data from real people to Natalie to your destinations. It’s such a cool map; google maps allow real people to tell you if there’s traffic or an accident on the road! It says things such as ” Hey, on Highway 24, a man was blocking the road, be careful” it’s such a helpful app. The more people, the better the app, so you should download it!

These are just a few of my many recommendations for apps to add to your phone! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and getting to know a little more about me as I start writing more blogs! I hope one of these apps stood out to you because they are all so amazing!

Xoxo Jas

Hello, my name is Jasmine Williams. I am currently a sophomore and I'm majoring in Mass Communication. Other than being on the HC team, I also have a blog and YouTube channel. I'm a Marketing Intern to Winthrop Dining and on the promotions team for Winthrop DSU! I enjoy listening to podcasts and drinking iced coffee.
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