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6 Books That *Need* To Be Movies

Ladies, we all know how satisfying it is when one of our favorite books gets an even more amazing movie. Sadly, we also know how awful it is to never get a movie--or even worse--a bad movie--for our favorite books. These are some of my favorite books that definitely need movies. Hopefully, they can get the movies they deserve! 

The "Selection" series by Kiera Cass

A new era of castes and royalty is in place in this post-apocalyptic version of Earth, and the youngest Prince is now the world’s most eligible bachelor. Instead of having to go through the process of dating and finding a queen, this "Bachelor­"-esque novel brings him the most eligible ladies from all over the country to find his future bride. The gowns in this book are enough on their own to warrant a movie, but the plot, twists, and satisfying ending are just more reasons why we need this movie NOW!

"The Uglies" series by Scott Westerfeld

This is by far the best book on this list that needs a movie. In this futuristic society, girls – and boys – wait their entire lives to get the transition procedure that turns them from an 'ugly' to a stunning 'pretty'. Just a few weeks from the procedure, Tally couldn’t be more excited to make the transition – until her best friend runs away in search of a way to get more out of life than partying and being pretty. What she finds outside of their appearance obsessed society changes her life forever, and being able to see this in theatres would change mine. From the technology and landscapes to the appearences people sport when they become pretty, this movie would be a visual masterpiece. Make it happen people! I’m waiting!

The "Delirium" series by Lauren Oliver

Love is a disease, and the Cure is the only way to make sure your life isn’t ruined by it. Nearly 18, Lena is certain she wants this cure – until she meets Alex that is. What happens if they fall in love? Is love really as dangerous as the government says it is? This book has such a compelling story line, and would be perfect if it was adapted to the big screen! It already fits right in with the recent surge in futuristic YA novels with alternate societies (Divergent, I’m looking at you), and could you imagine getting to watch two people run from a dystopian government for love? I’d sure love to see it.

"Why We Broke Up" by Daniel Handler

Ladies, you’d be lying if you never imagined writing a cutting breakup note and dropping all of your dirt-bag ex’s stuff back on his doorstep. This book does that, and more! We get to sift through the box of broken memories Min leaves for Ed after they break up, see the memories they shared, and hear every gritty story behind the contents. Could you imagine getting to see a relationship fold out while hearing the reasons it ended? The book is vaguely reminiscent of 13 Reasons Why and if this could get a movie or Netflix series as good as that book did it would be a blessing.

"I Am The Messenger" by Markus Zusak

After Ed, an ordinary cab driver that’s desperately in love with his best friend, accidentally stops a bank robbery, he starts receiving playing cards in the mail with the details of people who need help. He’s been chosen to care, and has no clue why. We get to watch Ed become a helping hand and saving grace for people he doesn’t know, and ask questions we desperately want to know the answers to in the process. Who sends the cards? Why was he chosen to care? What part does he play in these people’s lives? How did he not know these things were going on in his own town? Getting to read this book was mind-blowing enough, but getting to watch it? That would be amazing.

"Panic" by Lauren Oliver

How do I even explain this book? A dangerous and risky summer game is the only thing that the tiny, forgotten town of Carp has to offer its graduating seniors. That, and the massive jackpot that comes with winning. The only risk? There’s no telling what crazy tasks – or horrifying fears – the Panic game will bring. Would you risk it for the money? This book HAS to become a movie. I would definitely risk the second hand anxiety if I could see two of my favorite characters pull off crazy stunts and scary feats for the money and glory of winning the game.

Ladies, if you haven't read these books yet, you definitely need to! I'm sure after you read them you'll agree that these books need to be made into movies ASAP!

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