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6 of the Best Apps to Procrastinate On

Ladies, we all know that last-minute rush to study for exams as exam week comes to a close. This is when we need a break the most, but feel like we can’t take one. Here are a few of the best apps to procrastinate on so you can take a quick little (and well deserved!) break!

Best Fiends

Okay, I know I sound like just about every sponsored YouTuber out there, but I honestly love Best Fiends. It’s such an adorable little game, and the levels are quick and challenging, which makes your procrastination fun and entertaining! Plus, who could resist? It’s so cute!

The Little Fox

This app requires a little bit more concentration, but it’s so rewarding when you finish a level. It gives me flashbacks to Temple Run honestly, but it’s still such a cute little game to take a break with to procrastinate studying!

Dumb Ways to Die

Embrace your inner child and revisit this original time waster. What isn’t there to love about saving those cute little guys from getting into (super dangerous) trouble? Dumb Ways to Die gives you the perfect amount of concentration and mindless playing to make a great study break!

Instagram Suggestions

Ladies, I don’t need to tell you that Instagram is a great way to waste time and take a break from it all, but your timeline only gets so many new posts and there’s nothing worse than not having anything to refresh. This is where Instagram’s suggestions come in! Watching the videos or just scrolling through promoted posts is such a fun way to find something new to procrastinate with! Don’t knock it until you try it.

Mahjong Tiles, Sudoku, Crosswords, etc.

These apps are honestly the best for you girls that want to feel productive and like you’re still using your brains during a study break! My personal favorite is the Mahjong Gold app on the Google Play store. If you like games like these, they’re great for procrastinating!


Twitter. Need I say more? I could mindlessly scroll through all the features Twitter offers for hours and not get bored. Ladies, save up your scrolls, because the Twitter app is one of the best ways to procrastinate (but I’m sure you already knew that).

Ladies, academics always come first, but treat yourself for the end of finals! Take a break when you need it! Play a game, refresh your feed, or engage your mind, just get your nose out of a textbook and relax!

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