6 Adorably Subtle Ways to Show Off Your Disney Obsession

Gone are the days when we were young enough to wear Disney Princess t-shirts and backpacks to school.  Disney soundtracks are for any age, of course, but if that isn’t enough for you, read on for a few grown-up (but still cute) ways to show off your love for Disney!

A Pinterest board

Save all of your favorite Disney things (maybe even the ones mentioned here) in one place!


@mugs_of_disney is the best Instagram account if you’re absolutely obsessed with mugs. 

Phone Backgrounds

Pinterest will be your best friend for finding these.

Pins & Buttons

Pin trading is a well-loved tradition at the Disney parks, but walking around with a lanyard full of them may seem out of place on a college campus (unless your ID’s on it, then by all means, go ahead and know that I’m envious).  If you have your own Disney pins or buttons, stick them on your backpack or favorite jacket for a cute way to show them off!


Put them on laptops, notebooks, your car bumper….


Since Disney doesn’t allow park-goers to wear costumes, Disney fans have started the trend of Disneybounding, which basically amounts to modeling everyday outfits after favorite Disney characters.  Check out @foreverdisneybound on Instagram for some ideas!

Happy Disney-obsessing, Collegiettes!