50 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Studying

Studying sucks. There is stress, frustration, and procrastination. In fact, there are so many things I'd rather have to do or deal with, here are some of them.

1. Find out Chick-Fil-A is closing.

2. Lay on a bed of nails.

3. Lay in a pit of snakes.

4. Slam all my fingers in a car door.

5. Have a continuous period. 

6. Drink grape flavored things and nothing else.

7. Die my hair neon green.

8. Take Math 150 all four years of college.

9. Sing in front of thousands of people.

10. Trip at College Graduation.

11. Fall down the stairs. 

12. Only use a knife to eat.

13. Eat cat food every day.

14. Never eat chicken nuggets again.

15. Never listen to John Mayer again.

16. Walk in on my parents naked.

17. Never drink coffee again.

18. Never be able to take a nap again.

19. Get a paper cut everyday.

20. Have my Netflix subscription cancelled.

21. Be questioned everyday on why I don't have a boyfriend.

22. Have all my teeth pulled.

23. Get a shot everyday.

24. Faint every time I see a cute guy.

25. Say what I'm thinking out loud.

26. Have my life narrated my Morgan Freeman.

27. Never have chocolate again. 

28. Have a baby puke on me.

29. Have Josh Peck hit me with a car like he did to Oprah.

30. Be on Ellen for an embarrasing reason. 

31. Dry shave every day of my life.

32. Go back to middle school.

33. Name my first kid "Armadillo".

34. Like someone's Instagram picture from 2 years ago.

35. Be best friends with a mass murderer.

36. Spend every holiday with the Griswold's. 

37. Be on Naked and Afraid.

38. Have all my embarrassing moments posted on social media.

39. Have the sound of nails on a chalkboard as my ringtone.

40. Have a permanet migraine.

41. Be tackled by the Panthers quarterback.

42. Have my eyebrows pierced.

43. Have Fetty Wap perform at my funeral. 

44. Have Gordon Ramsey scream at me all day. 

45. Only read Junie B. Jones books for the rest of my life.

46. Get poison ivy EVERYWHERE.

47. Trade my Birks for Crocs. 

48. Wear Justice clothes for the rest of my life.

49. Go to school to become a lunch lady.

50. Only eat cold french fries.