5 Ways You Can Have the Best Road Trip Ever

Did somebody say road trip?! 

Oh our college days... the days where we make memories with best friends that will last a life time. From my own experiences, one of the best memories you can make is taking a road trip with all of your friends! Whether it's for a weekend getaway to the beach, going away for a greek retreat, or traveling for spring break, a good car ride verse a stressful one can make all the difference.

So here are some tips to make a bad car ride good and a good car ride even better.

1. Have someone be the designated DJ

Music is relaxing, but having several people fight over the aux cord because they want to play their version of the song Sorry by Justin Bieber is unnecessary. Let one person make a playlist of Spotify, and the night before tell them your music suggestions so you know you’ll hear something you like. This will make the driver less stressed out because there will be fewer distractions!

2. Play games!

This may sound childish, but its a GREAT way to pass the time. A fun game is to see how many different state license plates you see, some are pretty cool! And its a lot better than playing iSpy in a cramped car with few differing items.

3. Plan stops ahead of time

“Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom!”

The longer your road trip, the more you will hear this line, so its good to look at your route before hand and see where rest areas will be. Try stopping ever hour or hour and a half to let people go to the bathroom in order to minimize complaining and, if you're the driver, to give you a rest! So if your car ride is 5 hours, stop 3 or 4 times.

4. Plan food ahead of time

Trust me, if you want the full road trip experience, you have to eat at local places, not fast food chains that are advertised on the side of the highway. Look up what towns you'll be driving through and plan where you could stop for lunch or dinner. Check TripAdvisor for food reviews and to find the best local eats in the area. I speak from experience, it is MUCH better to find a small BBQ place than eating in a generic McDonalds.

5. Document your trip!

If you’re going to be driving through multiple states on the way to your destination, pull over at some rest areas and snap a couple pictures! Having a collection of pictures of you and your friends traveling across America will be great for future reminiscing.

Happy and safe driving collegiettes!

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