5 Ways to Know You're the Most Alpha Female of Them All

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Conrad are all looked at for their strong, successful and confident ways of living. And, one key thing they all have in common is that they are the most alpha female of all. Young women look up to these powerful women, and we all strive to be like them.

Here is how you know if you can strut amongst the best.

1. You're a Leader

You don't follow anyone, they follow you. You are the head of the group and everyone's go-to-gal. Naturally, everyone wants to be you.

2. You're Ambitious

You have the drive and determination to achieve your goals. Nothing will get in your way.

3. You're Confident

You believe in yourself and you are your own number one fan. Anything life throws at you, you're bigger than it. 

4. You're Assertive

You're forceful with your ways and opinions. It's your way or the highway.

5. You Don't Have Time for Him

You don't have time for a man that doesn't support your independent ways. If he tries to control you, you're out.

Stay strong, stay fabulous, stay Alpha, and most importantly: keep praying to the Beyoncé Gods. 

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