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5 Ways To Get Back On Track To Finish The Semester Strong After Spring Break Officially Ends

As we sadly attempt to recover from the post spring break blues, we have to remind ourselves that there is still work to be done!

These 5 tips will help you stay on track for the rest of the semester.


1. Find a planner!

Make sure its personalized to your needs. This helps your use your planner more frequently and effectively. Having a planner is the only way to ensure that you stay on top of upcoming deadlines in addition to organizing your social life.

2. Reread (or read) your syllabi!

I know, this task can be really daunting, but at some point, we have to face our fears and confront those ambiguous end of the semester projects that we’ve tried so hard to block out from our brains! Those deadlines are approaching fast, and we can’t afford to miss them!

3. Reach out to your professors.

Sure, we could have done this a little earlier in the semester, but rest assured, its never too late to attend your professor’s office hours. Most professors want to help you in your academics, so its in your best interest to put your best foot forward and hope for the best!

4. Plan ahead and create goals.

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish, and they’re right! The end of the semester is a lot faster and busier than expected, and without planning and goal-setting, you could end up with one of those dreaded all-nighters! It’s easier to find a purpose for the work you are doing when you have goals in mind.

5. Reward yourself

It shouldn’t be too hard to follow this step! If your ace that test or paper, make sure your treat yourself for your hard work!

Good luck finishing out the semester, Collegiettes!!

Sophomore sociology major on the volleyball team at Winthrop University. Raised in Reno, Nevada. Milkshake lover, coffee addict, and Channing Tatum movie junkie!
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