5 Viner Turned YouTubers Everyone Should Be Watching

We all miss the days of vines, and I know we all find ourselves watching vine compilations late into the night.

Well here are some vine stars that are now YouTubers who you should totally watch; they’re all funny and make great content!

*Disclaimer Lele Pons and the Paul brothers are not included in this article*


1. Cody Ko-

He is a hilarious YouTuber with great commentary content. His videos are refreshing and make anyone who watches them laugh. Cody and his friend Noel, both former Viners, will have you rolling on the ground laughing; best known for their video about Jake Paul (which I definitely recommend watching). He also has an amazing Podcast interviewing past Viners as well (some on this list) that are funny, and his podcast with Noel, TinyMeatGang, will make that car ride from home to school filled with laughs.


2. Danny Gonzalez-

Danny Gonzalez, Mr. Youngface himself, is one of the funniest YouTubers out there; from his videos about Musically stars to him roasting his own followers, you are for sure going to get some laughs watching his channel. All his commentary videos and fan roast will keep you entertained for days. His style of comedy makes hard college nights easier to deal with.


3. Drew Gooden

This is the man behind the iconic “Road work ahead? Uh yeah I sure hope it does” vine. Drew has one of the most awkward but hilarious comedy styles I’ve ever seen. The kind of comedy that’s like “I don’t know why this is so funny but it is.” His style of comedy is very John Mulaney-esque in that half the stuff he says is funny based solely on the tone of his voice. I recommend you checking out his “Viners: Where are they now?” video.


4. Mikaela Long

Pun comedy at its highest form with this chick. With a hilarious grandma and a face consistently beat for the gods. Basically she’s just a rad chick that’s very relatable to all us ladies. She’s able to laugh at herself which I think is a quality that everyone should have. I highly recommend you checking her hilarious makeup tutorials if you, like myself, just can’t live up to goddesses like Nikkie tutorials.


5. David Dobrik/Vlog Squad

David Dobrik/vlog squad , if you haven’t heard of him or seen one of his 419 vlogs, you must have been living under a rock for the last two years. David and his friends have been changing the YouTube game and how vlogging is scene for the past couple of years. From their notorious pranks, to their sweet fan surprises, the vlog squad keeps YouTube and their fans their toes. I know I’ll be waiting by my computer on 4/20 for his 420th vlog to come out. *Vlog Sqaud is Scotty Sire, Toddy, Zane, Jason, Heath, Carley &Erin, Alex, Matt, Liza, Kristen, and Gabbie Hanna*



All of these past Viners now YouTubers have something to offer for everyone, so why not watch a couple of their videos?

We hope you find a new  favorite YouTubers from this article! Have a great rest of the spring semester. Check out all their channels! All links are attached to their names.

Collegiettes hcxo.