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5 Tips for Being Less Nervous During an Interview

Ladies, we all know interviewing for jobs and internships is one of the most stressful things ever. There’s a bunch of pressure to look professional but still nice; be yourself but also be the best version of yourself and to try to follow all the rules and cues you think you need to get the job. Here are just a few tips and tricks to be less nervous when you go in for an interview!

Come prepared

There’s nothing that will calm you down more than knowing you have everything you need in advance. Make sure you check the application listing or double check with the person conducting interviews to make sure you have a copy of your résumé, references, etc. Bonus tip: have it all set out the night before so you won’t forget it!

Test out your outfit choices

Preparing an outfit in advance keeps you from having the last minute struggles of finding something that strikes the perfect balance between looking nice and looking professional. Trying on multiple outfit options, mixing and matching accessories, and practicing your hair and makeup can help keep you out of the stress zone on the morning of your interview!

Practice potential answers!

While there’s usually no way to know exactly what questions will be asked during an interview, you can still practice basic answers. You can practice how you’ll introduce yourself, what you might say when you leave, and answers to general questions like “why do you want this job?” or “what skills make you think you would be an asset to our company?” Getting at least an idea of what you might say for general questions will help you stay cool, calm, and collected during other parts of your interview.

Look up the company you’re interviewing with

Chances are if you’re looking for a full time job or an interview you’ve already done some research, but there’s no harm in doing a little more digging! Knowing who you might be interviewing with, where the interview is taking place, and a little more about the position you’re up for can help you feel less nervous about sitting down with (almost) complete strangers.

Don’t psych yourself out

It’s really easy to get yourself worked up over scenarios that may never happen. If you feel like you might psych yourself out before the interview, work on doing relaxing things, like taking a bath or pampering yourself with a face mask. If you feel like you might psych yourself out when you get there, take a friend with you or call someone before you go in for support. Above all else, just make sure that you don’t overthink things that haven’t happened yet. Be confident in your skills!

Ladies, the best piece of advice I can give you for being more comfortable and less nervous during an interview is to just be yourself. If you’re confident in being yourself, your answers, outfit choices, résumé, or anything else will come easier. You got this girl! Go rock that interview!

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