5 Telltale Signs It's Time to Let A Friendship Go

Friendship is unpredictable.

It's so easy to become close with people you never thought you'd even like, bring them into your life, share your feelings, and grow to love and appreciate them as if they were a part of your actual family. But it's also just as easy to drift away from people you'd never thought you'd lose. 

While I'd love to believe that all friendships last forever, that the people I love and adore will always be there for me when I need them, the fact of the matter is that that just simply isn't true. 

People change, life gets in the way, and people grow apart - and that's okay. 

People are dynamic creatures - we're constantly changing. Whether it's our goals, our hobbies, our likes, or our dislikes, we are changing each and every day, discovering new things about ourselves and working towards the best version of us that can be. However, it's easy to forget that change is not a singular event; when people change, the world around them has to adjust. This often means that certain activities, and even certain people, no longer belong. 

It's hard to admit when a friendship is over. Realizing that you no longer enjoy being in the presence of someone you once deeply cared about, realizing that things just aren't the same is difficult. But what's more difficult is deciding what to do about it. Nobody wants to just cut someone out of their life when they once played an integral part in it, but sometimes that's the best thing you can do. 

Outgrowing a friendship is a sad and common part of life. While most of us would try everything we possibly could to save what was left, sometimes it just isn't worth it. With this in mind, I'd like to share 5 telltale signs it's time to let your friendship go. 


1. Your efforts aren't reciprocated 

Friendship is a two way street, and when both individuals aren't fully invested, things are likely to go south very fast. Nobody wants to give their all to something they care about only to find that the other person isn't willing to do the same. 


2. They hang out with all your other friends

People get busy, and that's understandable. What isn't understandable is when your friend can make time for literally everyone except you. 


3.  They no longer support your goals

No matter what, achieving your goals should always be your number one priority. Whether it's furthering education, getting that dream job, or branching out and expanding your horizons. Anyone who doesn't support you in your decisions isn't worth keeping around. It's infinitely harder to thrive in a constantly negative environment. 


4. They're talking about you behind your back

Friends don't do this, point blank. Gossiping is childish to begin with, but gossiping about someone you claim to care about is even worse. Take the high road, Collegiettes, retaliation isn't worth it. 


5. You've suddenly become uncomfortable around them

This, to me, is the biggest sign that things aren't worth salvaging. The fact that you'd don't even want to be around someone who you used to spend the majority of your time with shows that things have obviously changed. 


In short, losing friends is hard, but holding onto toxic friendships can be even worse.

Keep your head up, Collegiettes, and enjoy the friendship for what it was, not what it became.