The 5 Struggles of Moving

Ladies, we all know the struggles of moving. Whether it’s moving to a new house, a different city or into a dorm room, moving kind of totally sucks. Here are some of the biggest struggles of moving!

1. Packing

Packing. Is. The. Worst.

Trying to find enough boxes, not packing heavy things with breakable things, folding clothes so they aren’t wrinkled, and actually lifting the boxes are just a few of the worst things about packing. The only good thing? Not having to choose what you pack or worrying about over-packing.

2. Finding help

The only thing worse than moving is having to move alone. Everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes, but good help is hard to find when everyone you know hates moving just as much as you do. Isn’t it funny how everyone has plans the weekend you need help moving?

3. Multiple trips

If only you could move all your stuff in one trip. It’s almost impossible to move your stuff into the car without taking at LEAST twelve million trips, and then you have to take it all out again! It's exhausting! Plus, no matter how many trips you take the car never seems to get emptied. 

4. Unpacking

If you thought packing was bad, you definitely aren’t ready to unpack. Unpacking is the evil twin sister of packing. It takes twice as long, makes a huge mess, and is something you have to do pretty much alone. This is the point in moving when you contemplate living a minimalistic lifestyle because man you have a lot of stuff!

5. Organizing

Oh, organizing. Once your unpacking tornado passes you have to find a place for everything you own. How do you want to organize your shelves? Are you actually going to try and organize your closet this time? Are knick-knacks really worth it?

Organizing takes a LOT of time and makes you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of objects, but when you get your space how you want it it’s totally worth it.

Moving is tough, but getting to explore a new place is always worth the struggle. Hopefully your next move is easy to unpack and looks gorgeous once you’re settled!

Happy moving, Collegiettes!