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5 Stores You HAVE to Visit this Black Friday

Black Friday has been notorious for great deals on everything from lawn equipment to electronics and clothing items, it’s no wonder that so many people are willing to stay up so late on Thanksgiving night or get up extremely early on Black Friday to fight for the best deals possible.

Whether this is your first time going Black Friday or you’re an experienced Black Friday champ, here are five stores that you’re going to want to visit before the day is over.


1. JCpenney’s

This year, as they have done so many times in the past, JCP is going to be handing out coupons for 10 off 10, 100 off 100, and 500 off 500 to some lucky customers that get to the stores early on. Who doesn’t want the chance to get their entire purchase for free?

2. Nike

While you probably won’t get those newly released running that go for nearly two hundreds bucks for a mere fifty, Nike is pretty good at marking down a lot of their items on Black Friday and sometimes have even handed out coupons at the door like JCPenney.

3. Amazon

Okay, so Amazon isn’t a physical store but on Black Friday and Cyber Monday they always have great markdowns and deals on legit everything from food to clothes to a brand new Apple TV.

4. Bath and Body Works 

For those of you who are as addicted to this store as I am, you know that it’s essential to put it on your priority list for those that you will fight to get in to. All those scents and lotions for super cheap is too good of a deal to pass up! Catch me there blowing all my money before I even get to any other store.

5. Target

Because it’s Target, collegiettes, everyone loves Target and you have to go because you know deep, deep down in your heart that bright red bullseye is calling you in.


Happy Shopping Collegiettes!


Timiya is a freshman Early Childhood Education major. Her hobbies include writing poetry, binge watching Netflix whenever possible (even if she has a mound of homework she should be doing) and traveling. Additionally, Timiya's talents include being able to eat an entire bag of cookies in one sitting and relating any event to something that happened in A Series of Unfortunate Events.
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