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The 5 Stages of Coffee Withdrawal

Ok, we all know the struggle.


You try to be good to yourself and limit your caffeine intake, specifically coffee, and it goes HORRIBLY WRONG.

I’m talking the kind of horrible where you’re trying to tweeze your own eyebrows and you accidentally pluck a line so thin that it looks like a pencil mark.


But yes, we’ve all been there. The struggle is real. Here’s the 5 stages of coffee withdrawal that every coffee lover knows all too well. 


1. You feel kinda good about yourself.


Giving up coffee is a hard thing to do. Most people form an addiction to it after drinking it for so long. But when you do get the courage to either limit your intake of it or give it up, you feel good about yourself. 




Hellooooooooo killer headache. It only takes a few hours of no coffee to give you the headache of a lifetime. I mean, it’s truly the worst. At this stage, you either want to cry or drink more coffee, or both. 


3. You it SO bad


This is the stage where you get really emotional. You start to miss drinking coffee every day, the taste of it, even the smell of it. It’s on your mind 24/7. It’s almost like after a breakup, and all you can do is think of that person and miss them (in this case coffee is way better to miss in my opinion). 


4. You take one sip of coffee, but ONLY one. *wink*


Okay, so we’re all not strong powerhouses here (like the mitochondria, a.k.a. the powerhouse of the cella.k.a. the only thing we learned in high school). So it’s okay to give in a little. But only a “little”. 


5. You entirely give into its heavenly goodness again.


Sooooo… remember that one small sip? And the one after that? And after that? And then those 2 cups of coffee?? …Oh well, I guess there’s always next time *wink*.  



Collegiettes, no matter if you’re giving up coffee, taking a short break from it or just missed today’s cup, we can all agree that coffee withdrawal is no joke.

And I don’t know about you, but I think I’m content with sticking to my routine and drinking a cup (or let’s be honest, 3 cups ) every day. 



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