5 Spooky Treats to Up Your Halloween Game

There are so many reasons to FALL in love with the Halloween season: costumes, free candy, and the tons of dessert recipes you can make to impress all your friends with during parties and get togethers! There really is no limit to have many desserts you can make, but here are some super easy recipes that don’t take a SPOOKY amount of effort and minimal shopping!


  1. This first one is super easy and for y’all healthy folks out there - banana ghost pops! All you need for this recipe are however many bananas (pops) you’d want to make, white chocolate, small chocolate chips, and some craft sticks (or popsicle sticks). First start by peeling the banana and putting them onto your sticks. Then, in a microwave safe cup, melt the white chocolate (shouldn’t take more than a minute) and dipping your bananas into the chocolate, making sure the entire banana is covered. To give your ghosts some 2020 vision for the New Year, quickly put two chocolate chips onto the ghosts before the white chocolate dries. After this step, place your ghost pops (maybe stick them in a styrofoam cube so they’ll stand) into the freezer until they are ready to be eaten! 
  2. If your want something a bit more creepy, skeleton cupcakes might be the recipe you’re looking for! All you need for this recipe is your choice of cupcake mix, pretzel sticks, jumbo marshmallows, white yogurt pretzels, and optional black icing. First start by baking your cupcakes and adding a thin layer of icing if you prefer. Next, depending on how long your pretzel sticks are, gently break them in half and stick then towards the back of the cupcake, but still relatively in the middle. Then place (however tall your pretzel is) around three to four white pretzels into the pretzel stick (the middle part of the yogurt pretzel). The final step is to place a marshmallow onto the top of the pretzel stick and add a face with the icing, or leaving him blank. 
  3. Another super simple and low budget treat is to make rice krispie mummies! As the name suggests, all you need are rice krispie treats, white icing, and either candy eyes or black icing. First unwrap all your krispies and make thick, horizontal lines across it with the white icing. Then all that’s left is the candy eyes. If candy eyes aren’t available or you had black icing instead, make a slightly large circle with the white icing followed by a smaller circle with the black icing. 
  4. While this recipe is more complex than the first three, its totally worth it - a spider web munch cake! For this recipe (get your measuring cups out), you’ll need a 12oz. bag of chocolate morsels, 1 cup of creamy peanut butter (sorry crunchy PB fans), 1/3 cup of powdered sugar, and 3 cups of rice krispies cereal. First, mix your morsels and ONLY 3/4 CUP of peanut butter in a pan at low heat while mixing in sugar periodically. Place all the cereal into a large bowl, and mix one cup of the chocolate mixture in with it. Make a 10 inch circle with a one inch border with the chocolate cereal mixture, and add the remaining chocolate mixture inside the circle. The final step is to use the leftover peanut butter to dress up the cake (try making circle around the center and using a toothpick to create small spiderwebs!) 
  5. The last recipe I have is super low budget but also super creepy - we’re making bones! Its also super low budget as well! For this recipe, you’ll need jumbo marshmallows, white chocolate, and pretzel sticks. First depending on how long your pretzel sticks are, break your sticks in half. Then, just put two marshmallows on both sides of the pretzel. Next, melt some white chocolate in a cup and make sure to cover the entire pretzel with marshmallows with the chocolate. All that’s left after that is to place your “bones” on a baking sheet and place then in the freezer until the white chocolate has hardened.