5 Snow Day Ideas: Couple Style

That feeling of knowing you will have to wake up even earlier to make it to your 8 am because of the inclement weather. Setting up your alarm then snuggling into bed, just to hear the WU alert notification stating that classes will not be happening for tomorrow! But, what now?! Don't worry Collegiettes, shoot a text to your cutie and use these ideas for the perfect Snow Day Date! 


1. Inside Cuddles and Hot Chocolate:

Cuddling under a blanket with each other while the snow is falling outside is considered perfect for the people that don't do the coldness or the wetness of the snow. Add two mugs of hot chocolate and hours of conversation! 

2. Snowmen and Snowballs:

Maybe you are the ones that need to be out in the snow. I mean it only happens what twice a year (maybe) in South Carolina! Snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels oh my!

3. Romantic Fireplace Dinner:

After a little furniture rearranging and letting the room get warm from the fireplace bring that frozen pizza out for the romantic dinner. 

4. Walk The Road Less Traveled:

Take a romantic walk through the woods. This is an amazing chance to look at how the snow falls over the trees and look for animal tracks in the snow. 

5. Paint the Snow:

If you need to work your creative side trying grabbing some paintbrushes or a spray bottle and some water mixed with food coloring!