5 Girl Code Tips to Live By

Have you ever seen the MTV show "GirlCode" and thought that you could do that? Well, so I have I!

Here are a few of my tips that I would share if I was on the show!

  1.  Don’t go into a relationship expecting someone to change:

    This can be hard but, you can’t start a relationship wanting someone to become someone else. That’s not going to make either of you happy, and the relationship won't last very long.

  2.  Give away compliments like gum: 

    You never know what someone is going through and how this can change their entire outlook that day.

  3.  You can say no:

    You don’t have to yes whenever someone asks you to do something or go out. You have the right to want to stay home alone.

  4.  If you go out together, you leave together: 

    You should never leave your girlfriend alone at a party when you showed up with her. This is so wrong!

  5.  Let a girl know if her man is cheating: No matter the consequences, every woman would rather know, than be known as the woman who’s man cheats.

Now, these don't beat GirlCode, but they are some real life tips that every girl should follow and know.