5 Funny Videos To Get You Through Your Day

Sometimes days just don't go the way you want them to go. You're alone in your room, you're irritated/sad and you need a good laugh. Sound like you at some point?

I've found that whenever I feel like this, I get on YouTube and watch silly videos that make me laugh. Most of the time, people wouldn't think they're funny, but that's the best part.

So, to help out the sad/irritated person, here are some hilarious videos that are sure to make your day. Some are inspiring pep talks, and some videos you're going to wonder how in the world I found them. But watch them all, and if you still feel sad at the end, go look up some more on Youtube until you feel better.

1. Kid President's Pep Talk


2. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


3. "You poked my heart.."


4. Parents tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy


5. Emma Stone & Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle


I hope these videos made you laugh or at least crack a smile! It definitely perked me up just by re-watching them! Have a great week!