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3 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single AF

Alright Collegiettes, we know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Some people love this holiday, while other’s don’t find much interest in it. Even though you have so much more to offer than your relationship status, modern society has made Valetine’s Day a big deal. Maybe you don’t get the hype because you’re single, or maybe it’s because you think we should express love year round! Either way, here are three awesome ways to have a great Valentine’s Day, even if you’re going solo this year! 




If you’re taking this year’s holiday ~solo~, who says you need a significant other to treat you right? Buy yourself some of your favorite candy, order take out, run a nice bubble bath and maybe even use a bath bomb, drink some wine and pamper yourself! Let’s be real, how many nights do you get where you can do this totally guilt free? 



If you want to do something this V-Day, think of having a galentine’s day! Get a group of your closest girlfriends together, exchange gifts, have a movie marathon, and bond with your best friends! Love from your girlfriends is just as good as love from a S.O., maybe even better. 


3. GO OUT!

On Valetine’s weekend, there are a ton of different parties out there! Go to a fun color themed one, where you get to wear green if you’re single, yellow if it’s complicated, or red if you’re taken! It’s a sure way to have fun, and maybe meet someone new! 

Remember, just because you’re single this year for V-Day, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time! Besides, it’s basically just like any other day, right? 


Dani is a senior musical theatre major/history minor. She is so ready to go to law school next year and is super excited to be the next Elle Woods. (What, like it's hard?) In addition to that, she is also very involved in her sorority, Tri-Sigma, and the theatre honor society Alpha Psi Omega! She has an obsession with all cats (she has her own named Zo!), Grey's Anatomy, and Starbucks vanilla iced coffee. Instagram & Twitter: @DaniNicole28 "Let the sunshine in"
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