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3 Reasons Why Pillsbury Ghost Cookies Are the Best

Its almost Halloween! I can’t wait to start giving out candy, but while I do that I’m definitely going to be snacking, the perfect thing to eat? Cookies, in particular Pillsbury Ghost Cookies! Here are some reasons why they are my own personal favorite!

1. They are ready to eat in 10-12 minutes. Perfect for that midnight snack that you keep secret!

2. They also have pumpkin ones, so spooky and scary, now you can eat BOTH ghosts and pumpkins at the same time!

3.Everyone loves them and they come in packs of 24. PERFECT for sharing with friends!

Collegiettes, don’t forget to grab these tasty treats the next time you’re at your local grocery store! HCXO

Kaylee Heaton

Winthrop '20

Kaylee Heaton is a junior Art History Major with a minor in English at Winthrop University. She is obsessed with Van Gogh, Netflix, Disney, and Dogs, in particular, her sister's dog Samson. You'll likely find Kaylee at Target or studying hard at the lib. Follow Kaylee on instagram @kayleeheaton !
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