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22 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Weirdo

When you laid your eyes on her, you just had to meet her. She was pretty, had the sweetest smile, was smart and so easy to talk to. And so, you decided you would purse her. But, little did you know that a few months down the road and you’d end up in a relationship with a mega goofball. 

Here are the 22 signs you might just be dating a weirdo!

1. She has the weirdest sense of humor

2. She talks in different accents. ALL. THE. TIME.

3. She laughs hysterically at things you don’t find funny
4. She makes up words on the regular and you’re like:
5. She thinks she’s hilarious and her jokes are the best, so if you don’t laugh, she will be offended
6. She loves to make weird noises
7. But she loves begging you to make them back even more
8. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, she will not stop hugging you
9. She’s always trying to fight you, but she ends up just looking silly so you can’t take her anger seriously 
10. She sends you Snap Chats like this:
11. She thinks she’s a rapper
12. She can be a bit clingy…
13. She gives everyone and everything a nickname
14. But you BY FAR have the most of those nicknames! 
15. She starts acting like your mom at times
16. She gives you the funniest and best presents
17. No matter how many times you tell her to stop, she will not stop touching your face
18. She plays pretend all the time and tries to get you to join in
19. She flirts with you by saying cheesy pickup lines
20. But sometimes she’s a little more direct
21.  She distracts you from doing homework by doing things like this
22. And because you love her, sometimes her weirdness rubs off on you too 
Shout out to all the fellow weird girlfriends! We keep life so much more fun and exciting!
Stay fabulous and stay weird!