The 17 Best Pick-Up Lines to Try in 2016

New Year's is a holiday created to end one chapter, and begin a new one. It's a way to have a clean slate and start out fresh. And, if your fresh start in 2016 is with relationships, then you're in luck!

Check out these awesome and hilarious pick up lines that you should try out this New Year!


If you want to hit on a doctor, try this pick up line! 

Heather Nobles, '18 

If you're trying to date a soda connoisseur, try this one!

Ellie Stacey, '18

Jakob Davis, '18

If you want to hit on someone who likes science, try this pick up line! 

Ethan Snipes, '17 

John Hembree, '17 

Alina Abedin, '17

If you want to hit on someone from work, try this line!

Sydney Whitman, '18

Cory Sloan, '18

This pick up line is perfect for bad drivers! 

Will Jackson, '16

If you find someone who loves Pokemon just as much as you, use this one! 

Sydney Whitman, '18

If you want to spend next Christmas with someone special, use this pick up line! 

Nate Meeks, '17

If you fall in love with someone from Tennesee, use this one!  

Austin Bischoff, Graudate 

If you meet someone cute in church, try these two!

Evan Davis, '18

Catherine Lowe, '17

If you're dating someone who LOVES food (cause, who doesn't?!) then try these pick up lines! 

Emily Murphy, '18

Joe Carl Andrews, '17 

Shane Easterling, '17 

Kyle Mangan, '16

Happy New Year, collegiettes and happy dating!  

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