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15 Ways to Navigate College as a First Generation Collegiette

If you’re anything like me, you are the first of your family to make it to a traditional 4 year university. I’ll take a minute to say congratulations to you for making it this far! But congratulations won’t help you make it out in four years alive and kicking. Though this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, here are at least 15 ways to navigate college as a first generation collegiette!


1. Join as many clubs as possible

Your taste may change over the years, but one of those clubs might be your long lost passion! Even if you can’t find something you think you would like, you might at least find a group of people you fit in with!


2. Go to a ton of on-campus events

Aside from joining clubs, this is a great way to get to know your peers! You don’t know how important friends are when you leave home. 


3. Get to know your floor mates

This piggy backs off of the previous! Making friends close to your ‘new’ home will make it more comfortable! Plus, giant movie nights are just a few feet away!


4. Get to know your professors

These people will be your lifeline when it comes to grad school or even just networking in different fields. Don’t forget to make a good impression, even if they seem like someone you wouldn’t click with very well!


5. Try to get an internship

Having relevant experience in your field makes it that much easier to land a job once you graduate, so don’t forget to apply, even if they’re not paid! 


6. And if not, then a part time job

If you can’t find an internship, a job is not a bad way to go. Whether on campus or in your town, this helps you gain real world experience, and keeps you from being the broke friend!


7. Call your family often

I cannot stress this one enough. Being a first generation student, your family is probably not used to being separated from you for long periods of time. Take some time out of your day to talk to them, you know you miss them. 


8. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

This is important. Coming to a new place on your own is scary, but the only way to move past that fear is to do something you normally wouldn’t! It can be whatever you want, as long as you go in determined! 


9. Get a planner

If you don’t want to forget every assignment you have and possibly fail, this one is important. I didn’t need a planner all throughout grade school, but I know I would die without one now! 


10. Form study groups

Getting together with friends to study is a good way to further your understanding on something. Plus, people usually bring food to study parties.


11. Study!! 

If you’re not someone who likes to get together with other people, then you can just do this alone. But you need to do it everyday!! Whether you did in high school or not, this is a whole new game. Don’t get caught trying to cram the night before, or else you’ll have some issues!


12. Pick a good roommate

You’ll be living with this person for at least the next year. Choose wisely and pray you’re a match made in heaven! You may get lucky and find the Blair to your Serena (or vice versa)!


13. Pick a major you are really passionate about

This degree is going to be your entire life for the next four (or five, not judging!) years. Make sure you absolutely love what you’re learning, not necessarily what you think will make you the most money!


14. Try to eat healthy

Alright, I of all people know how hard this is.. but the freshman 15 is real, so try not to eat too much fast food while dreaming of your moms homemade baked mac n cheese. 


15. Don’t be afraid of becoming a new person

This new chapter in your life may or may not be a dramatic change. But just accept everything as it comes your way, and be happy that you’re growing into an older, more refined version of yourself!


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