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15 Thanksgiving Topics of Conversation Other Than Grades, Politics and Significant Others

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means you need to converse with relatives without hitting on sensitive topics. Here are some things to talk about that aren’t the weather, relationships or politics…a.k.a the things we want to avoid the most. 

1. Hamilton. Heck of a musical, am I right?

2. Any random interesting fact.

3. Trending TV shows.

4. Top headline of the day.

5. Expansion in your town.

6. Her Campus. *wink*

7. Pets.  

8. Travel plans.  

9. Interesting books.  

10. Their children.

11. Their favorite television show.

12. A dish they brought.

13. A dish you brought.

14. The literal dish or plate used to bring the dish either you or they brought.

15. The tablecloth.

Best of luck, Collegiettes and Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily Grace Gill is a senior mass communication major with minors in business and theater. When she's not thinking about writing or traveling, she is befriending every dog she sees on campus.
Winthrop University is a small, liberal arts college in Rock Hill, SC.