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14 Things I Would Never Do

We are told as teenagers and young adults that we should make a bucket list, or something of the sort, to help us open our minds to the things we want to do before our time here on earth ends. I can think of endless things that I would love to experience, numerous places that I want to go, and countless foods that I want to try, but when it comes to things I would never do, I’m stuck. Those are usually things that you say in the moment when you hear of something that sounds completely outrageous, but there is so much more to it than just those outrageous situations. 

But can you really ever say “Never?” As I was making a list, I crossed so many things off each time I went back to reread what I had written down so far. I realized that there aren’t as many things I can swear I’ll never ever do after all. I may not have the desire to do certain things but if it came down to life or death would I really choose death?

Here’s what I’ve thought of:

Stop talking

I’m sorry, but that’s just never going to happen. I have so much to say sometimes, that I don’t think I’ll ever become one of those people who just stop talking, stop giving their opinions, and stop allowing their voice to be heard. Sometimes it may get me into trouble, but the times that it has allowed me to help and encourage others makes it all worth it. As long as what you’re saying is positive and not negative, you never know who is listening and whether or not them hearing it is just what they needed that day. 



Go sky-diving

I don’t care how many people try to explain to me the rush of greatness that they feel when they jump out of  a plane, thousands of feet in the air — I will NEVER do that. I applaud those who have the boldness to do such a thing, but it’s not ever going to happen for me. I think I would die before I hit the ground.


Own a cat

I’m sorry to all you cat lovers, but this is also a huge no-no. First off, I am allergic, so it would be very unhealthy. Second of all, they scare me. Third of all, they shed and that also goes hand in hand with my allergies. I’ve seen too many videos of cats attacking their owners or staring at them in the middle of the night. No offense to all you hard core cat lovers.


Allow anyone else to choose my future and goals

I think that one is self explanatory. My future is my own, is it not? If I fail, I fail and I will learn. 


Apologize for who I am

This can get kind of tricky, because sometimes even I don’t like who I am. It comes down to whether or not the way you are acting is a display of who you actually are, or if it’s just a mood or you deciding it’s you against the world every other day. Who I am is who I believe God made me to be and as long as I’m not hurting anyone…I won’t apologize. 

Be a math major

Props to all of you math majors out there…I was not granted the ability to understand math, nevertheless enjoy it. Chances are if you tell me you’re a math major, or even chemistry or biology, I’m going to look at you like you’re the next Albert Einstein. 


I would never be the girl yelling out “Hello” when I’m home alone and hear a noise — like in a scary movie (IRL)

Like, just no. I’m sorry, but if the door to my house is open, I’m running as far away as possible and calling 911. If I hear something in my house, I will take precaution, not try to be the hero, and GET OUT.


Keep wearing socks after they’ve gotten wet

Ew. I would rather go barefoot or sickles than wear wet socks. They smell, will give you blisters, and are just 100% uncomfortable.


Eat onions

This includes all types of onions in all forms. If something can make me cry, I’m not eating it.



Why would anyone do that? I have no idea. Especially if it’s any form of chicken aka chicken nuggets and wings. If it’s free, it’s for…me!


Go to Forever 21 without feeling overwhelmed

If you’re able to go into Forever 21 and feel at peace when shopping, I envy you. If you can go into H&M without feeling overwhelmed, I envy you. If you can go into TJMAXX without feeling overwhelmed, I envy you. 


Not cringe at the sound of nails or chalk on a chalkboard

Even if it’s happening in a movie or a t.v. show, it ALWAYS gets a cringe out of me. Always. 


Turn down the opportunity to hold a baby

I don’t care whose baby it is. I guess I just have that an instinct that every baby I see I make faces at and want to hold. So if you offer to let me hold your baby, you’re probably not going to get them back anytime soon. 


Not get anxious when putting away change/receipts from grocery store checkout

I know I am not the only one. If you don’t feel that way, and have no problem taking your time, well good for you.


Life is always full of surprises, but I am pretty confident that I will not give into any of the above, or feel any differently about any of the above anytime soon. Some things you just know aren’t for you, and some things are not worth settling for. I challenge you collegiettes to take time to think about the things you think you’d never do, and really give it some thought. 

You’d be surprised what you think of. 


Ariel Flores is a junior Human Development and Family Studies major, minoring in Health at Winthrop University. Her concentration is adolescent studies, but she finds joy in working with children of all ages. To work at Levine Children Hospital with families and children is her current post-graduation goal. She enjoys making memories with her friends & family, and is always up for an adventure.  "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"     
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