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The 12 Stages Of Finals Week As Told By “Rick And Morty”

At this point in the semester, we’re all in a perpetual state of stress, frustration or exhaustion. If you’ve spent the majority of your semester binge watching shows like “Rick and Morty”, this time can be especially stressful. Here are 12 times that the animated show explained the stages of finals week:

1. When you’re just a little confused about WHO your professor thinks you are:

2. When someone judges you for pulling your third all-nighter of the week:

3. When anyone asks if you’re okay:

4. When you try to have fun and de-stress over the weekend, but it doesn’t work:

5. When everything is just happening too much:

6. When your parents pressure you to do well:

7. When you get that caffeine-fueled last minute motivation to study:

8. When you wake up on the morning of your big exam:

9. When your professor hands you your test and you immediately forget everything you studied:

10. When you somehow manage to make a good grade anyways:

11. When your classmate studied more but made a worse grade:

12. When exams are over and SUMMER HAS BEGUN:

We’re almost there! Hang in there and study hard, Collegiettes!  

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