The 10 Types of People You See in the Airport

By far the best place to people watch is in an airport. There are so many people from so many places, and they're all different. No matter where you're coming from or where you're going, there are always these 10 types of people in the airport!

1. The Gossiper

This person is usually by themselves and they’re on the phone talking to a friend or relative. They tell everyone in earshot and basically the entire terminal about their life story and personal problems. You will definitley learn way more about them than you would learn about someone on the first date!

2. The Dad Gang

They are so excited to finally be going away with all of the guys, but they won’t stop talking about their fantasy football/baseball/basketball teams. We get it, you like sports. The Dad Gang are obviously all best friends, which means it's a given that their children and their wives are best friends too.

3. Age Advantageous

This woman is probably elderly, but can still do things on her own. Yet everyone in the airport will happily let her cut in line and carry her bags for her because, well why not use your status to your advantage?


4. Mighty Mom

This poor mom usually has three or four little kids running around the airport and can’t sit still for a minute. The husband is probably hiding in the bathroom so that he doesn’t have to deal with how crazy the kids are. It's vacation time, and he's ready to relax.

5. The Businessmen

These guys don’t even have suitcases, they only carry briefcases. And they all go in together into the Admirals Club…what’s back there?!


6. The College Student

College students are easy to spot--I am currently being one as I write this! They have their laptop out or are listening to music, and some article of clothing on them either says their college or Greek organization. And they have coffee, of course.


7. Space Queen

This person finds a way, even if they only have a few items, to take up as many chairs in a terminal as possible with their things.


8. Flight Attendants

They’ll be rolling up with their squad in their matching pant suits and colored scarves. They simply look fabulous!


9. Completely Confused

This person couldn't find their terminal if their life depended on it. The number on their boarding pass is different from what is on the screen and once they get to the terminal they’re told they were switched to another one.

10. Slumbering Sleepy

You’ll see these people on the early and late flights. They’re sliding down in their seats with their hood pulled up, headphones in, and sleep on their armrest.


Happy Spring Break and safe travels, Collegiettes!  

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