10 Tops You NEED For Summer

It's almost summer and the anticipation is driving me crazy! Everywhere I look I see summer clothes and flip flops!

Here's my list of all the summer tops you need in your closet to keep cool and stay cute!



This off-the-shoulder top is sure to drive any ex of yours wild and bring all the boys to your yard! This stunner pink and white pinstriped top is available on ASOS for $45.00.

This  adorable top features a sweet bow in front, and an amazing pink and white gingham print. Available on ASOS for $29.00.​



This simple and classy top from Francesca's is the definition of SWEET. With it's pastel tones, and embroidered edges, you're sure to win over the in-laws hearts. Available for $38.00


This peplum top will turn heads with its gorgeous gold detailing! Available at Francesca's for $38.00, you'll never regret this buy.



This top is sure to fit any casual summer day! Available at H&M for 17.99, and in three color swatches!


This top is just a necessity, don't question it. Available for $29.99 at H&M.



This super sweet tube-top is a stunning red and white polka-dot print! This would look amazing on all of you dark-haired gals! Available for $16.49 at Zaful.


This top is sure to keep things simple and easy. With its lace edges, who could ever guess you're up to no good? Available at Zaful for $17.49.


Forever 21

This crop-top is sure to make you stand out from the crowd! This summer print will give you all the tropical vibes you need! Available for $10.90 at Forever21.


This button up crop top is gonna make you a sailor queen! Available for $14.90 at Forever21.


No matter what you wear this summer season, be sure to rock it well Collegiettes!