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10 Things People Who Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Scary Movies Will Understand

With the spooky season fully upon us, scary movies are everywhere. Some people love them, some hate them, and then, there are the in-betweeners who do both. If you’re one of the brave souls who is habitually traumatized by horror movies, but you keep coming back, this list is for you.

1. When a new horror movie comes out, you can’t resist watching it, even though every passing second contains more terror than the last…

2. But you immediately regret your entire life after the credits roll.

3. During the day, everything that happened in the movie is hilarious and totally improbable…

4. …but after nightfall?

5. Falling asleep is not. an. option.

6. Go ahead, try and convince yourself you’d outwit the antagonists.

7. We both know that you’ll be too scared for any rational thought!

8. And you’ll spend the next few days going to extreme lengths to avoid bathtubs, mirrors, televisions, bridges, and anything else mildly related to the horror movie realm.

9. Regardless, you keep making awful life decisions and looking for the next big scare.

10. Even though you’ll spend your life perpetually looking over your shoulder and under your bed, everything is fine, because there’s definitely nothing there…right?

You’re a brave one, so keep watching those scary movies…but make sure you sleep with the lights on, ya know, just in case! 

Happy Halloween, Collegiettes!

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