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Not many people come into college thinking that they are going to double major, but over time many college students choose this option as a way to make the classes they take in college better match their interests and career goals. If you have ever chosen to double major, you know that it is a long and strange process, that goes a little something like this:

1. Scoffing at double majors

I mean, they are absolutely crazy! How is it possible to do all of that work?!

2. Questioning your current major:

This is probably the scariest part of the process. Changing your major is a huge decision especially if you went into college thinking that the major you picked would be something that you would love.

3. Realizing that you could never quit your current major:

This is the part when you think that you don’t have to change your major at all… crisis averted!

4. The thoughts of the other major keep creeping up in your mind: 

You love your major??? But you also love your other major!!!! What are you supposed to do when you can only chose one major but you want to have two… oh wait.

5. You realize that you want to double major:

There is no possible way for you to pick out of the two so you have to do both.

6. You officially declare your second major:

You are READY you are PREPARED for this challenge!

7. You try to make your schedule for next year:

What classes do you take who… do you talk to is a double major worth it???

8. Everyone starts to look at you like you’re insane.

“Two majors? I can BARELY do one!!!!!!”

9. It finally hits you why everyone questioned your choice to double major.


10. But then you remember how much you love BOTH of your majors:

You wouldn’t be happy if you hadn’t picked both.

I know double majoring is hard, but hang in there Collegiettes, it will be worth it!

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