10 Songs to Jam Out to in the Shower

Even though a shower should just be a quick, refreshing part of your daily routine, sometimes it’s fun to shake it up and belt it out every once in a while. Here are some tunes that will help you channel your inner popstar!

1. "And I Am Telling You", Jennifer Hudson

J Hud’s iconic solo from Dreamgirls is one of the ultimate songs to blast because of how much range it has. Also, the sound of the shower water running will help distract from the fact that you’re having trouble hitting those high notes.

2. "How Great:, Chance the Rapper ft. Jay Electronica and My Cousin Nicole

Gospel music is arguably among the most fun things to sing loudly, and the rap verses help to change it up a little bit so you can dance a little bit, too.

3. "How Far I’ll Go" from Moana

You’re never too old for Disney, even the newer stuff. This is one of those songs that will probably bring you to your knees because of the passion it evokes, which makes it perfect for the shower.

4. "Love on the Brain", Rihanna

All the crazy notes and noises in this song are so dynamic that you can’t not sing along—loudly.

5. "Formation", Beyonce

You can practice your moves AND sing along. Not much more you can ask for.

6. "U Got It Bad", Usher

Few things are better suited to jam out to in the shower than an early 2000s R&B ballad. Bonus points if you have a crush on someone; you’ll sing it with even more passion.

7. "The Scientist", Coldplay

Sometimes, you need to get in your feelings, and this is the most apt song to do so. You won’t be sure if it’s shower water or your tears.

8. "One Day More" from Les Miserables

Even if you don’t know Les Mis, this is a fun song to add to your playlist because since it is indeed from a musical, there are several parts to it so it’s fun to try and sing all of them at once.

9. "Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen

Two words: air guitar.

10. No Hands, Waka Flocka

Not exactly one that will make you sing at the top of your lungs, but it’ll get you dancing. You’ll have a blast busting out those moves when you hear this come on shuffle.

Collegiettes, have a blast getting clean. Just be careful when you dance, because if you bust it and someone has to come in and help you out, things could get awkward. Happy jamming!

Here's the playlist on Apple Music!