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10 Signs You Went to a Public High School

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Ah, high school. Such a wonderful time in our lives…maybe. I’m sure there’s so many things we could relate to, some bad and some good. So, to give you a heavy dose of nostalgia or your wost nightmare, here are 10 things to bring you back to the best…or worst…4 years of your life.

1. You went or participated in a Friday night football game.

Every Friday night, home or away, you were at the game, cheering your team on from the student section. Most games had a theme like “Hawaiian Night” or a “Pink-Out”.

This is an actual picture of the student section last year at my high school. See if you can find me, I’m wearing sunglasses! (Cough, cough, bottom left.)

2. You history teacher was a coach of one of the sporting teams.

Or if you were like me, your freshman teacher was a cross country coach and your senior teacher was a football coach. (Hey, Coach King & Coach Cole!)


3. The school food was probably gross.

There’s nothing like cold mozerella sticks and flavorless Mac & Cheese. You most likely brought a lunch from home or got something from the extra sales line. School food was definitely not your thing. 

4. Your first class of the day was littered with cups from your local fast-food restaraunt. 

You most likely walked into your first class to someone sipping something from a McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A cup. But you hardly noticed, because that happened EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

5. You walked into the bathroom to find someone smoking or doing something illegal.

Listen, I just want to actually USE the bathroom. 



6. You had to have some form of school ID on you at all times.

Or if you were unlucky like me, you had to wear it around your neck at ALL TIMES. It basically became a part of me. 


7. There was always that one student who ran to class.

Hey, Speedy Gonzalez, slow it down. Your class isn’t going anywhere.


8. There was always someone standing or making out in the middle of the dang hallway!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost slammed into someone just standing in the middle of hallway. While hundreds of students milled around them. And they wouldn’t give you the time of day.

9. There was always that one teacher that was more like a student.

They were, of course, the favorite of the teachers. They’re just more relateable. 


10. You’ll always carry apart of the school in your heart deep, deep down.

Yeah, high school can be a bummer, but I’ll always be a Devildog at heart, and you’ll be your mascot at your heart. High school taught us a lot of things that we’ll carry for the rest of my life. So, thanks, TRHS.

(Actual picture of me on my last day of H.S.)

I don’t miss high school at all. However, I do miss aspects of it. Like not writing 6 page papers, or going home after your classes. But college is great, and one day I’ll write a post about going to a University. But until then…

Winthrop University is a small, liberal arts college in Rock Hill, SC.