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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch The 100

If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic, science fiction, drama TV series then The 100 is just the show you’ve been looking for.

It’s set 97 years after a nuclear war was thought to wipe out all life forms on Earth.

Before this happened, 12 countries came in partnership as one and they made up the 12 stations, together known as the Ark. Resources are limited, so all crimes can be punishable by death, unless you are under 18. The support systems are starting to fail on the Ark, so the heads of the Ark send down 100 prisoners, under the age of 18, to find out if Earth is survivable and to provide more air for everyone else on the Ark.

This show is mostly likely not for younger kids because of some of the scenes and graphics, but it is amazing regardless!

Here’s are 10 reasons YOU should be watching The 100!


1. Each season brings something new 

This show starts off having the 100 delinquent prisoners come down to Earth to see if it is survivable. From the first episode, this show grabs your attention. Every season is something new, but it also ties back to the other seasons very well. The 100 does a good job with new characters, settings, plots, etc.​ and will have you hooked from the start.


2. This new Earth is filled with so many mysteries

What could go wrong in a post nuclear war Earth? Is it really survivable? Are the Grounders (the people who were already on the ground) just going to welcome the sky people (everyone from the Ark)? Can they really trust anyone else? Can they really trust each other?


3. The scenery

I can’t even describe how unique the scenery is. Whether they are in space or in the woods, these locations are something to admire and really take a new spin on the world survival. These scenes are so full of detail and are very important to this TV show.


4. Strong female leads

Oh. My. Gosh. The women in this TV bring a new meaning to the phrase “girl power.” The males are important to the story but a lot of the plots are all about the awesome women. Clarke takes on a leadership role for the 100 on the ground and throughout the rest of the seasons. Personally, Octavia Blake is one of the best and most badass characters of this entire show. She becomes an awesome warrior and she will become one of your favorite characters. I can go on and on about the women in this show but you’ll just have to watch it to see the rest.


5. Character evolution

One minute, you’re going to think that you’ve figured out these characters and then the next minute, you’re going to be completely turned upside down. There is never a definite place of where a character ends up, who they end up with, if they will live or die, etc. The development of the characters are amazing. You either love or hate a character, but also you can love a character and then end up hating them or hate a character and end up loving them. 


6. The character’s relationships

The character relationships are not always what they seem. There is a lot of unique chemistry between them and you’re going to fall in love with so many of them. Whether the characters are enemies, in relationships, or in friendships, nothing is what it seems. Unexpected people will fall in love and maybe enemies will even become friends.



7. The music

The music behind the 100 is one of the most important things about this show. The way the music matches with the different moments makes this a perfect TV show to watch. You can even find some new songs for your music selection. The music helps viewers be tied to the emotions of the characters so well that you end up feeling for them.


8. No one is safe

When you watch this show, you will find characters that you will LOVE and you will have characters that you HATE. You love someone? They could die. You hate someone? They could die too, or they could live. You never know. So many things are going on in these characters lives that nothing is set in stone.


9. So many feelings

This show gives viewers … SO. MANY. FEELINGS. I found myself sitting in bed crying so many times because, to me, this show was JUST THAT GOOD. So many emotions are being thrown around that the amount of times I had to pause and collect myself is ridiculous. When the characters cry, it makes you want to cry. When something crazy happens, it’s going to make you sit on the edge of your seat. You’re going to want to smile like crazy during the happy times and cry like crazy in the sad times.


10. It is on Netflix



So Collegiettes, have you started watching The 100 yet? No? Then go ahead and watch it! 

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