10 Reasons Why Selena Is Perfect

Recently, it was Selena Quintanilla's (aka my queen) birthday! Although she passed away too soon, her legacy has left a mark on thousands of people's lives.

To this day, her music is still being played, people are seen earing merch that has her beautiful face on it, and the movie on her life? Iconic. She deserves to be honored every single day. She radiated beauty and had one of the kindest souls (I mean she was perfect, come on now). Want to know why she was so perfect? Check out these reasons!


1. Her infectious, vibrant smile

Look at that perfect smile!


2. Her AMAZING dance moves


I would kill to be able to move like her!!


3. Her MUSIC!

Her music can make you feel empowered, flirty, and in love. But it can also put you in your feelings. She is a musical genius!


4. Her sense of humor

Selena was known to be quite the jokester, and her sense of humor made her lively personality sparkle even brighter!


5. LATINA!!!!

She was so proud of her heritage, and she took pride in being Hispanic. You could just hear it radiate through her music!


6. The iconic red lipstick!

I mean, DANG! She could rock that red lipstick!!!


7. The passion she had for music

You could just see it on stage how much she loved being there. She loved performing! It was what she was meant to do. She was born a star!


8. Her desire to help others around her

She was always willing to help others, and she continuously encouraged people to follow their dreams.


9. Her style!

She could dress! Her style was very diverse, but she always looked good in her outfits. A lot of people use her outfits as inspiration for their clothes today.


10. She loved her fans, friends and family unconditionally


Selena is loved just as much as she loved those around her. The love she had for people is like no other.


Selena will always be an icon and a legend. She is a queen, and her legacy will live on forever. What do you say, Collegiettes? Want to listen to some of her music and dance? Because I know I do!