10 Pet Peeves Every College Student Has

Being a college student is stressful enough, but it doesn't help when people push your buttons (even though sometimes they don't realize it). Sure, we're guilty of doing some things that may make others irritated, but boy does it drive me absolutely crazy - maybe crazier than others when people pick at my pet peeves. It's almost as if anything can set off/annoy a college student.

No matter who you are, you can't deny that the following are some of your biggest college pet peeves!


1. When people walk slow and take up the entire sidewalk

Come on people, I have places to go and people to see! Well, really, I'm in a rush to get to class so please put some pep in your step! You don't need to be walking at turtle speed when there is a crowd of people around you.


2. When one person takes up an entire booth

Seriously?? There is nothing more annoying than when you and your friends are trying to snag a booth to sit in, and it's being taken up by ONE person.


3. Someone not holding the door for you

So, are we just going to act like you didn't see me walking up behind you?? Oh, okay.. Thank you.. Thank you for letting the door slam in my face, no really, it's fine. But wait... then you have those people who you hold the door for, and they don't even say thank you!


4. Trying to find parking

Is parking even a thing on college campus? Because I have yet to find a good parking spot.. Do those even exist? Must be nice to be able to find one.


5. When your professor is late to their own class

So you mean to tell me that you can be late to the class because you're a professor, but if I were the one coming in late, you'd give me the death glare? Hm, interesting..


6. When someone who constantly misses class asks you about the assignments

Maybe, just maybe, if you showed up to class, you'd actually know and understand the assignment. I'm not your personal secretary! I have my own assignments to worry about.


7. When there's multiple empty seats, and someone chooses to sit right next you

Out of all of the seats in this class, WHY must you sit next to me? Can't you go to the empty seat on the next row?


8. Having to deal with that one person who doesn't stop talking

Now is not the time to talk about your plans for the weekend. I'm trying to listen!! You might think what you have to say is more important but you won't be thinking that when you don't understand what's going on..


9. When the people around you are constantly using technology throughout the class

It's one thing to use your laptop to keep up with the PowerPoint, but I don't need to see your iMessage thread. If they're not doing this, then they're either online shopping or watching videos, distracting much?


10. When the professor cancels class and doesn't bother letting you know

You could've saved me from walking all the way to class.. seriously.. an email would've been great, thanks!!! Back to bed I go.


We've all gotten annoyed at these things at some point in our college career - now are we going to do something to change it or are we going to let it continue to annoy us? I guess college is just meant to be irritating at some points! It's okay Collegiettes, we can get through this!