10 Of My Favorite Yodeling Walmart Boy SoundCloud Remixes

His parents know him as Mason Ramsey, but we all know this 10-year-old, bow-tie wearing, cowboy boot tapping country singer as Yodeling Walmart Boy. A video of Mason in the middle of a Walmart yodeling "Lovesick Blues" by country artist Hank Williams Jr. has been the laughing stock of social media recently, even managing to reach several celebrities. Yodeling Walmart Boy already has tons of memes and news stories, but my favorite part of this viral sensation is all of the SoundCloud remixes I’ve been coming across. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of 10 of my favorites:


But first...here’s the original. (Posted by casara123)


This one is an EDM remix that SURPRISINGLY SLAPS! (Posted by Lowercase)


This one is a trap remix (the first of many) that just hits in ALL the right places. (Posted by zoid land)


This one sort of reminds me of 80s music in the beginning lol. (Posted by DELAGO)


Have you ever listened to low-fi hip-hop? This is definitely low-fi hip-hop and it’s a WHOLE vibe. (Posted by M E G A N)


This one is a very militant-sounding trap beat and I’m very here for it. I could see somebody spitting an aggressive freestyle to this. (Posted by Young Bosini)


This one has a STRONG West Coast trap vibe and honestly if YG made a song to this I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest. I’d bump to it...(Posted by sadboichef)


If you’re not familiar with Jersey club music, I’ll just tell you it all sounds JUST like this, and you WILL NEVER be able to resist the urge to dance to it. (Posted by DJ FROST BITE)


This one has a spring sound in the beginning that makes me really happy for some reason lol Then it turns into a cool trap beat with a bunch of other surprises in it! (Posted by Joystick)


This one gives off a HUGE soft Soca vibe and I absolutely adore Soca music. This is another one of those genres you won’t be able to resist dancing to. I would honestly listen to this every day. (Posted by Willstone)


This one is just BEAUTIFUL. This is another low-fi hip-hop remix. Great vibes! (Posted by E.S.S.)


I hope you’ve all enjoyed these wonderful remixes and I hope you’ve gained some new musical culture! Keep yodeling, Collegiettes! Here's the link to the My 10 Favorite Yodeling Boy Remixes playlist! Don't forget to follow my SoundCloud